Shocking: Did You Know That There Are 80k Edible Plants and We Only Eat 30

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May 17, 2013 • Environment, Featured Area

All living organisms require some form of interdependence with one another. Biodiversity is often an under appreciated cog in society. For example, there are over 80,000 species of potentially edible plants, of which we only choose around 30 to supply us with 90% of our daily diet. Biodiversity fosters stronger genetic adaptation; it also gives us food, shelter, and medicine.

2010 was the International Year of Biodiversity, thanks to a declaration by the UN. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the true value of life on earth… and it’s a call for action. It involves dozens of events and celebrations throughout the year, all with the aim to educate and inspire.

“We have only tested 1 percent of the plants in the worlds rain forests for potentially medicinal value, even though half of our medicine is made from natural substances”

With that in mind, the Convention on Biological Diversity is turning to work created by students in the Vancouver Film School Digital Design program for help. Biodiversity is a motion design project by Roberta RamalhoJesse LangJuan Carlos Arenas Madrid, and Amanda Healey. Without further ado:

You can find out more about the International Year of Biodiversity – and how to get involved – on the official site, and get all the latest news on its Facebook page.

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