Symbolism Of The Pineal Gland


December 21, 2013 • Spirituality

The pineal gland could be said to be “the trans-dimensional transmitter to spiritual realms.” Also known as the sixth Chakra, or the “Third Eye,” it is is located deep in the skull and nestled neatly and precisely in the geometric center of the brain. Similar to the physical eyes the pineal gland is made of mostly water and contains rods and cones. Since ancient times it has been known that this area of the body has been an integral component for the harnessing of great imaginative potential. Throughout history, cultures have recognized the importance of the pineal gland’s power to affect the nervous system. French philosopher Rene Descartes referred to it as the “Seat of the Soul.”

To have a felt sense of the truest vibrations of the pineal gland is to make a journey into the heart of spirituality. Prana, or pure energy, is received through this particular center. In fact it is taught that by connecting with the mystical nature of the pineal gland one even has the power to liberate the senses entirely, as being in touch with its mysterious essence remains an important aspect of experiencing a creative awakening.

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