What Function Does Humanity Have On This Self-Regulating Living Organism We Call Earth?


April 2, 2014 • Spirituality

There’s something interesting about looking back in time and observing the prescience of groundbreaking thinkers who dared to consider the nature of human consciousness and its exponential evolution. You start to realize the simple truths that govern the will and balance of the planet and that change is the only constant. By taking a closer look at evolution starting from the Big Bang all the way up to the Information Age there’s a driving complexity spanning in all directions coupled with an increasing depth. Perhaps the mind is the next and last great frontier of evolution.

We are at a crisis moment when the human race must choose to be conscious in a new way and experience life differently than before. Our survival hangs in the balance. What kind of evolutionary leap would happen if we collectively and consciously evolved together?

In this fascinating audiovisual presentation given in 1983, author and teacher Peter Russell compels us to think about those deeper questions and where we naturally seem to be heading.

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Nicholas C. Herron

Nicholas C. Herron is a writer who supports radical global change based on a basic understanding of shared human consciousness.

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