There Is Leaking Methane All Over Washington D.C. With Risk Of Explosion


January 22, 2014 • Environment

Get ready to be shocked! A research team from Duke University and Boston University found that there are more than 5,893 underground natural gas pipelines leaking in Washington D.C.


The researchers also found that there is a risk for explosions: “Some manholes had methane concentrations as high as 500,000 parts per million of natural gas — about 10 times greater than the threshold at which explosions can occur.” And as we all know Methane is a whole lot more damaging to the environment than Carbon Dioxide.

This is pretty insane, to think that out of all places this is actually happening in Washignton D.C. It makes me think of how many other cities with an underground natural gas pipeline system this is also happening and being kept under raps.

all images @ American Chemical Society

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