Brazilian Company Creates Sustainable Plastic Out of Cassava


December 2, 2013 • Sustainable Design

New ideas to reduce pollution caused by plastic waste are being formulated every day. Attempting to eliminate plastic from our lives entirely would be a futile and ridiculous effort, so why not find similar alternatives, without all the pollution? This concept is what has inspired CBPAK, of São Paulo, to transform cassava starch into cups and plastic trays.

The new bioplastic reduces the emission of carbon dioxide, mitigates global warming, and is recyclable and often biodegradable. Claudio Rocha Bastos founded CBPAK in San Carlos, in the state of SP a couple of years ago to create this brilliant invention, realizing that there was a niche to fill.

So far, CBPAK has surpassed its initial goal of 300,000 trays and cups, and opened new headquarters in Rio de Janeiro in 2012 to increase production. The price of the product is higher than that of traditional plastics of fossil origin, which is the main challenge in drawing consumers. However, if creating green plastic is possible, so is the feat of getting consumers excited about it.

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